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Celtics Karl Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Bulls Blazers buzz

Celtics Karl Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Bulls Blazers

The Celtics’ home loss to the Sixers on Thursday night confirmed a belief held by many. Boston is still one move away from being a legit title threat. Here is the latest on Celtics Karl Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Bulls Blazers

Danny Ainge has always been a go big or go home GM, and he may feel that just tinkering with a very good but not great roster is not the way to go.

The Celtics’ biggest issue is in the front court as they still don’t have anyone to defense the giant redwoods in the Eastern Conference like Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetekounmpo. Embiid feasted on the Celtics Thursday night, pumping in 38 points and pulling down 13 boards.

When Boston had the upper hand on the Sixers the past few years, it was always seen that the Celtics were “tougher.”

Well, what better way to get “tougher” than to bring in a guy that is willing to throw literal haymakers at Embiid?

Karl Anthony Towns may soon become available if the 10-14 Timberwolves continue on their current path. They have lost six games in a row and don’t factor into the Western Conference playoff picture right now with the Jazz, Kings, Suns and even the Thunder ahead of them in the standings.

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor and Bill Simmons recently discussed Minnesota’s position on Celtics Karl Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Bulls Blazers, as well as the Celtics asset collection.

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“Robert Covington has been really good this year and when I think about trade pieces, that is somebody that could be dealt,” Simmons said. “You saw Jerami Grant went for a first round pick before the season and he’s a better version of that.

“I’m interested to see, if they blow it up (in Minnesota) and what they do because (Covington) is a guy that other teams would really covet.

“There are these teams out there that have these war chests of picks,” Simmons continued on Celtics Karl Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Bulls Blazers. “The Celtics have this Memphis pick. If they feel like they’re close and they have a chance to make a Finals, and the draft this year sucks. They might flip that pick this year for someone really good. Not for Covington but for someone even better.”

The Celtics would obviously have to part with a lot to land Towns. It would have to include all of their upcoming first round picks (Memphis, Milwaukee), as well as one of their big 4 (Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker). The Celtics aren’t trading Walker, but swapping out Brown, Hayward or Tatum might make some sense for both Boston and Minnesota.

Hayward works simply because of the matching contracts (Hayward actually makes more than KAT), and Brown is appealing because he just signed an extension. Minnesota’s fear is that they could trade for one of these guys and then just see them walk in a year or two.

Tatum has been seen as off limits but Ainge is rightfully worried that the former Duke star could walk in free agency two years from now. There were rumbling this past summer that Tatum was not happy in Boston, and the Celtics are not positive that Tatum can become a bona fide superstar. Tatum, now in his third season, came up small against the Sixers on Thursday night – shooting just 5-of-18 from the field (15 points).

If Towns is put on the market, you can bet that the Celtics will have some competition.

The Bulls have been working toward a mega-trade in recent years, acquiring as many former lottery picks as possible. The thinking by Bulls GM Gar Forman is that he could pull off something like Ainge did back in 2007 when he flipped a pu pu platter of young players and picks in exchange for Kevin Garnett. The Celtics, at the time, were one of the three worst teams in the league, but teams coveted their young talent. It paid off in just won year as Boston won the title in 2008.

Forman is also under increased pressure to do something now as Jerry Reinsdorf is growing increasingly frustrated.

“According to several sources, the Bulls chairman is livid about the team’s 6-12 start this season and the continued sinking profile of the organization and is beginning to focus on general manager Gar Forman,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported several weeks ago regarding Celtics Karl Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Bulls Blazers. “The sources indicated this is not a recent change of heart for Reinsdorf, and that his unhappiness has been building after several questionable decisions.”

Another team looking to make a deal is the Trail Blazers, who want to make run at the Western crown this season. Towns would be the perfect complement to the guard heavy team, though Portland may not have enough assets to pull off a blockbuster trade like this.

Any Blazers deal would likely center around Zach Collins (the 10th overall pick in the 2017 draft).​ Above was the latest on Celtics Karl Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Bulls Blazers.

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