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Celtics Kawhi NBA Trade Rumors Deal now imminent?

Celtics Kawhi NBA Trade Rumors

The tide is beginning to turn when it comes to leverage in Celtics Kawhi NBA Trade Rumors as it has become clear that San Antonio isn’t going to get fair value for their disgruntled star. The Lakers are perfectly content in waiting until next summer to land Kawhi in free agency as opposed to a trade now where they would have to give up a young talent like Brandon Ingram. The Celtics and Sixers are hesitant to give up any of their assets as well considering it seems certain that Kawhi will bolt for Los Angeles next summer anyway.

The Spurs are now up against it, as they risk seeing Leonard walk away next summer and getting nothing in return. The trade market is sure to shrink once the season starts and we get closer to the trade deadline. Historically speaking, teams giving up a superstar-level talent get more in return during the summer months than in January or February. This is mostly because during the summer months there are many more teams with lofty aspirations for the following season. In the thick of the NBA season, most teams are hit with the cold reality that they are not near true contention.

Given that the Warriors are so far ahead of everyone else in the NBA, this will make it even harder for the Spurs to find a suitable trade partner. For most every team in the league, simply adding Kawhi would not be enough to seriously compete with Golden State. 

Celtics Kawhi NBA Trade Rumors

This general apathy toward making a Kawhi deal around the league could now work in the Celtics’ favor.


Celtics Kawhi NBA Trade Rumors Deal now imminent?

Last week Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report wrote than “nearly a half dozen GMs” told him that they would trade for Kawhi even without a guarantee that he’d stay beyond next season. One particular Eastern Conference GM, who sounds a lot like Celtics boss Danny Ainge in this quote, told Bucher he would be willing to make a deal despite no extension.

“I wouldn’t say we’re all scared to death to make a deal because there’s no chance [Kawhi] will re-sign [with a team somewhere other than with the Lakers],” the anonymous East GM said. “PG did. C-Webb did.”

The Celtics and Ainge have talked the talk about this subject in the past, but have never really walked the walk. In 2014, Ainge consistently made it clear during radio appearances that he’d be willing to trade for then-Timberwolves star Kevin Love despite Love set to become a free agent the following summer. Celtics Kawhi NBA Trade Rumors are heating up.

In other words, the fear of dealing younger and less-injury prone talents like Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown for Kawhi and watching those players evolve into elite talents on another team is greater than the fear of Kawhi leaving after just a season. If San Antonio’s asking price on a Kawhi trade continues to drop, then that’s good news for the Celtics.

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