Centenarian chooses ‘to live my life’ – Metro US

Centenarian chooses ‘to live my life’

Mary Kathleen Dafoe leads a quiet, healthy life.

She swims three times a week at Pinecrest Pool, goes for her yearly checkups at the doctors, and takes no prescription medications.

She also just celebrated her 100th birthday.

Dafoe was named Senior of the Year yesterday afternoon at MPP Ottawa West-Nepean Jim Watson’s Annual Senior’s Tea.

Watson said that Dafoe’s commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle and her ability to live independently at a retirement home in the community earned her the title.

“I’m amazed that they think I’m worth honouring,” Dafoe laughed.

Dafoe has always been a strong believer in healthy living. She played badminton and tennis, and skied while growing up, and even went rafting down the Colorado River at the ripe old age of 87.

“I guess I took turning a hundred for granted,” she said.

At 100 years old, she walks on her own, and doesn’t have any sort of wheelchair, walker, or even a cane.

“So many families have to dedicate so much time to looking after their elderly parents, but [mom] lives on her own,” said Dafoe’s son, Joseph.

“Every once and a while she needs help changing a lightbulb or lifting a bunch of heavy groceries or something, but overall she’s almost completely independent.”

Dafoe said she is overwhelmed by the honour, but said she does not think of her lifestyle at her age as something extraordinary.

“What’s the point of living to a hundred if you just sit in your chair and bind up? I prefer to live my life.”