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Century mark for transit and rider

Two of Calgary’s oldest residents celebrated their 100th birthday together yesterday.

Calgary Transit was celebrating its 100th birthday and decided to celebrate it with Calgary’s newest 100-year-old, Bennie Panaro.

“It feels wonderful (to be 100 years old). I’m glad that transit was born at the same time I was,” said Panaro.

Panaro has been a long time Calgary resident and has taken transit for many years; she still takes the bus to this very day.

“I remember when you went to Bowness you had to pay an extra nickel, that’s how long I’ve been (riding the bus),” said Panaro when she recalled her earliest transit memory.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier was on hand to commemorate the historic landmark for both Calgary Transit and Panaro.

“I’ve seen pictures of the early days of Calgary Transit, but Mrs. Panaro is able to tell us first hand, and as a longtime transit customer she can tell us from experience,” said the mayor.

To get Panaro to the event Calgary Transit chartered a bus that took her and her family to the Montgomery community centre.

With 100 years now in the books for transit this leaves transit director Fred Wong looking to the next 100.

“I think you’ll see changes to transit technology such as real time customer information and also smart cars as we move ahead,” said Wong.

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