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CFL fumbled on banning players from wearing pink

The CFL has made huge strides in recent years with its marketing and promotions, resulting in record attendance and TV viewership. But at the same time, the league’s lack of vision is astounding.

CFL players who recently wanted to wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month were banned from doing so during games, because it would violate the league’s uniform policy.

“This certainly doesn’t diminish our concern when it comes to this cause or the many others our teams support. It does mean we want to do things in a comprehensive way, not a one-off,” the league said in a statement.

CFL players wanted to ride the wave of support shown by NFL players, who teamed with the American Cancer Society, allowing its players to wear pink gloves and other minimal gear during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The CFL will review its policy in the off-season and until then, players will be allowed to wear pink during practices, but clearly the league fumbled the ball on this one.

Suitor’s Bias
TSN’s Glen Suitor sometimes looks like the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ 13th man in the booth. While Suitor is light years ahead of all other CFL colour commentators (it’s a small club), his fine work on-air is sometimes tainted by his longstanding bond with the Roughriders.

Yes, Suitor toiled 11 seasons in Green and White, and even held the ball for Dave Ridgway’s unforgettable field goal that won the 1989 Grey Cup game, so his emotional ties to the team are understandable. Yet, once you cross over to the other side and join the media, those ties need to be severed.

Suitor sounded disappointed when Calgary’s Corey Mace recovered a fumble for a touchdown against the Riders last Sunday, an exciting play that proved to be the turning point in the contest.

He was also noticeably dejected after the Riders committed the greatest blunder in Grey Cup history last November with a 13th man penalty that handed Montreal the championship.

Buono’s possible replacement
The way things have gone for Wally Buono this season, don’t be surprised if the CFL’s winningest coach walks away from the B.C. sidelines after one more season to assume GM duties exclusively. His perfect replacement could be current Calgary Stampeders offensive assistant Dave Dickenson, who has been credited with grooming Stamps QB Henry Burris while also calling plays for the offence.

While Buono provided the Lions with instant credibility when he arrived in 2003, struggles this season could see them miss the playoffs. This, coupled with constant criticism of OC Jacques Chapdelaine, could trigger changes on the West Coast, with Dickenson a prime candidate to take over.

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