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Chad Bisch gets the most from his ‘freedom top’

Chad Bisch is the energetic co-host of the new W Network TV show Burn My Mortgage (premiering Oct. 5) in which he helps homeowners shave years off their mortgages.

What he drives
A black 2007 Jeep Wrangler. It’s my third Jeep. I’m so passionate about Jeeps. I was always driving the two-door Jeeps because that’s all they had. Then in 2007, they came out with the four-door. With my lifestyle, I can now put four guys in here and four sets of golf clubs.

Do you do much off-road driving?
The funny thing about us Jeep drivers is we buy Jeeps because you have the capacity to go off-roading, but you never do. You usually do it once and then you go ‘I’ll never do that again’ (laughs).

What do you love about the Wrangler?
I love that it’s great in the winter because it’s 4×4 and it’s also a convertible. I have a freedom top, not a soft top. So I have you can pop out the two front panels, but you still have the security of having the hard top around the back. So you get a winter and a summer vehicle.

I hear you’ve somewhat customized it for the show …
This transformed into my trailer when we were filming the show. I put a shower curtain rod across the back so the wardrobe people could come and hang up all my clothes. And I had a custom piece of foam put in the back because the seats turned down so the back turned into a bed, and I’d get in there with my laptop and rest while waiting for my scenes. It was totally customized without spending very much money (laughs).

What would we find in your glove compartment?
Basically, it’s like my filing cabinet and a business card graveyard. I basically use it as a storage compartment and I can no longer jam anything else in there.

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