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Champions of Magic ready to dazzle audiences in Boston

Champions of Magic
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Since Boston is basically title town, it’s only fitting that the Champions of Magic are coming to the Hub this fall.

The show features a collection of five top-tier illusionists who are all masters of their respective magical art forms. There’s Young & Strange, a duo from the United Kingdom who try to push the boundaries with their magic tricks, and even became viral sensations after videobombing a live Sky News broadcast. Fellow UK native Alex McAleer is also part of the squad, known for his amazing abilities as a mentalist who came seemingly read the minds of audiences.

The Champions of Magic feature a pair of performers from North America as well, including Fernando Velasco, a Mexican-born magician who isn’t afraid to dazzle crowds with his death-defying stunts. Boston’s own Kayla Drescher rounds out the group, an award-winning illusionist who ‘s been featured on shows like “Penn & Teller: Fool US” and David Copperfield’s “Search for the Next Great Magician.”

Meet the Champions of Magic

Champions of Magic Boston

Since the Champions of Magic are coming to the hub of sports championships this season, it’s only right to ask the group on their thoughts over which superstar magician deserves the title of being the Tom Brady of Magic. According to McAleer, the all-time G.O.A.T. of illusions is a pretty familiar name.

The big names that everyone knows, Houdini,” says McAleer. He’s still remembered even though he died over a 100 years ago.”

As far as current performers, though, McAleer admits that the answer may vary depending on the style of magic and which “Champion” you talk to. For instance, Young & Strange would likely choose Copperfield. For McAleer, his answer might not be familiar to fans here in the U.S.

“I would name some obscure mind reader you’ve never heard of,” he says. “In the U.K. we’ve got a guy called Darren Brown, a very successful performer.”

McAleer adds, “He’s the superstar of mind reading magic like David Blaine is the super star of street magic.”

Regardless of which person deserves top dog status in the world of illusions, McAleer and company are just glad to see magic’s continued popularity among fans. According to McAleer, the key to its success has been the fact that, no matter how smarter or more technologically advanced we get, people still love to be mystified by things they can’t explain.

“The idea with any magic is the rules of life, how things work,” McAleer says. “If you’ve got a thought in your head, no one else knows what that thought is. Things go down when you let go of them, not up.”

He adds, “Magic sort of breaks those rules.”

If you go:

Sept. 20-23, Shubert Theatre, 265 Tremont St., Boston, $24+, bochcenter.org

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