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Change your office by changing your attitude

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Working with others can be a lot of fun, but it can also be your chief source of stress. The fact is, most of us were never taught the art of healthy collaboration, so navigating working relationships can be tricky. In any collaboration, you’re dealing with different personalities and energy. When your energy doesn’t flow with someone else’s, getting even simple things done can be a massive struggle.

Throughout my career as an entrepreneur, I’ve worked with many different vendors, agents, assistants and clients. Sometimes the relationships seem to flow naturally, but in other instances it’s been tedious and trying. It’s important to me to have a more efficient and peaceful work life, so over time I’ve developed and committed to some key best practices.

If you struggle to get along with your co-workers, clients or other colleagues, follow these three guidelines. They’re guaranteed to change the energy, increase your productivity and keep the peace.

1. It’s not about you

Everyone comes to work with his or her own baggage. People show up to the office with neuroses dating back to childhood; fighting their own fear-based stories and limiting beliefs. No matter how much personal growth work someone has done, they’re still clearing old beliefs and behaviors. Therefore, it’s essential to not take other people’s personalities to heart. Their issues truly are not about you. When you can accept that everyone is fighting their own tough battles, you can show up to the office with more compassion.

2. Focus on what you can give rather than what you can get

When you enter into any kind of work relationship (whether with a boss, a client, a co-worker or someone you’re negotiating with), showing up with a service mentality has a powerful influence on your behavior and the outcome of a situation. This simple change in mindset has a huge effect. Most of us are used to walking into a business situation with a “What can I get?” attitude. Instead, ask yourself, “What can I give?” Bringing forth an energy of service helps other people want to serve you back. Focus on how you can create a space where everyone wins.

3. Your attitude is everything

By now you know the difference between what happens when you show up to work with a “baditude” and when you show up in good spirits. The moment you arrive in the office, you set the tone for the rest of the day. Your positive attitude is everything when it comes to healthy work relationships. To start your day off right, commit to approaching things with a positive intention. Before you walk through the door to your office, silently bless everyone you work with. Envision them smiling and happy. Send each one a positive thought. Your energy and intentions speak much louder than your words. Bring your good vibes to the office and expect miracles!

Follow these three guidelines and enjoy the miraculous results. If you experience a radical shift, let me know about it! Post a comment on my Facebook page and share your experience with me. Visit facebook.com/gabbybernstein to share your comments.

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