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Chargers fans beat up Broncos fan, all get arrested

It’s NFL playoff season, which means … fans getting drunk and beating the crap out of each other!

If you missed it yesterday, the Chargers were beat by the Broncos early Sunday evening, 24-17, as Peyton Manning and crew advanced to the AFC Championship game next week.

And in San Diego, some poor schmuck wearing a No. 18 Manning jersey apparently crossed paths with an angry mob of Chargers fans. (Is that guy wearing an Antonio Cromartie jersey!?)

Well, you can probably guess what happened next. (And not just because you’ve read the headline already.)

The two, ahem, large fans charged at each other water buffalo style and traded a few punches. When the Denver fan went down, it was open season, as another Chargers fan came in and started stomping and kicking the Broncos fan. That’s a definitely fighting foul, pal.

Technically, it was all a fighting foul because a few cops swarmed in out of nowhere and arrested all three of the men directly involved in the fight. Chris Biele, from FOX 5 San Diego, reported four fans in all were arrested and said police informed him all were equal parties in the fight.

It’s a good bet all four were also equal parties in their alcohol consumption.

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