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Charges, fines laid after sting on ATV drivers

Several ATV drivers were handed hefty fines in a joint sting by police and the Department of Natural Resources this past weekend.

The crackdown was sparked by a large number of public complaints in recent months, police say.

“We’ve been getting complaints about people driving in areas they’re not supposed to, loud noise, just varied complaints in regards to ATV use,” said Halifax Regional Police spokesman Const. Brian Palmeter.

Police and government officials staked out the Williamswood — Sambro Loop area Friday night and charged five people.

Four received $500 fines for driving in a wilderness area. The highest was an $800 ticket for removing a sign in a wilderness area. These were levelled by Natural Resources officials enforcing wildlife-area protection laws.

Police also issued one charge of driving an off-highway vehicle on a highway and one for not displaying a licence plate.

“Those are some significant fines,” Palmeter said.

“It’s our belief that the majority of ATV owners and users use them appropriately and lawfully. It’s unfortunate there’s a small percentage that don’t. It’s those people we’re targeting.”

Palmeter said the increased enforcement will continue this weekend.

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