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Charlize Theron says sex scenes with women can be easier

Atomic Blonde
Credit: Jonathan Prime

Charlize Theron kissed a girl, and she liked it. The actress has been doing the rounds in anticipation of “Atomic Blonde,” her Cold War-era action movie in which she plays an English spy sent to bust up an espionage ring in 1989 Berlin. One thing everyone has been asking her about is her aggressive love scene with her French contact, played by Sofia Boutella.

It’s not the first time Theron has sprung for the fairer sex on screen; she won her Oscar for playing lesbian serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster.” According to her, she doesn’t mind mixing it up, even saying that the love scene with Boutella was more pleasant than most.

“With Sofia, it was easy just because we’re both dancers and you have to choreograph those scenes quite a bit,” Theron told Extra. “Otherwise they  just become silly. There is a technical aspect to it, so with her it was really easy because she thinks like me because we’re dancers. We shot that scene in, like, 45 minutes and with the guys, they’re not dancers, so, it takes a bit more work.”

Theron doesn’t even have a preference when it comes to which gender she rollicks with in the hay.

“I enjoy both!” she said. “Doing a love scene with guys is different, but I enjoy both.”

Besides, she had more to worry about than making the beast with two backs. In “Atomic Blonde,” Theron is repeatedly called on to bring the pain, beating countless bad guys (and unsuspecting police officers) with ropes, champagne bottles, high heels and fridge doors. The highpoint is a staircase battle that turns into a car chase, all done in one take.

“We always wanted to raise the bar a little, but with the action, we wanted it to still feel that a woman could do all of that stuff,” she said. “That was important for me as a woman. I wanted it to feel authentic, so no one can say a woman can’t do that.”

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