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Cheating the truth — too bad for you if it’s nothing but lies

If you do by chance find yourself wrongly accused on Cheaterville.com, don’t expect the website to take the post down.

Founder James McGibney says they don’t play judge or jury.

“We don’t decide whether we believe that someone’s telling the truth about an alleged cheater or not,” he said.

According to Internet and defamation lawyer Gil Zvulony, if the accusations are both false and damaging, it could become a libel suit. But suing the website might not get you very far. While the defamation laws in Canada are different from the U.S., Zvulony says the legalities aren’t clear.

“It’s certain in the U.S. they’re immune from liability, its uncertain in Canada,” he said. “The law is completely different here, it’s sort of uncharted territory. The law is not clear where websites may be liable or not.”

While McGibney says the premise of the site is to help warn people before starting a relationship with a potential heartbreaker or sociopath, Zvulony says there could be a lot of repercussions to those that are falsely accused in such a public venue.

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