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Check out our Swap & Drop Diet

I’m so excited about the launch of Best Health’s first-ever diet book. Swap & Drop is not your typical diet – it’s a no-diet diet. It’s a sensible, balanced and very Canadian approach to getting slimmer and healthier (and staying that way beyond 2012) based on making small, easy changes to your daily habits that can really add up to dropped pounds.

The 12-week step-by-step, swap-by-swap plan from the team here at Best Health Magazine shows how to shed weight without denying yourself the enjoyment of food. Also, the book has an innovative Portion Checker, which includes visuals of food servings shown in actual size. This really takes the guesswork out of mealtime (for example, the book’s pages actually show you how much pasta you should throw into the pot, and how big one serving of meat really is).

Then there’s a 12-week Meal Planner with more than 100 healthy, delicious recipes that do all the work of counting calories so you don’t have to worry about it. Plus, there’s a 12-week, day-by-day Walking Plan (along with easy toning exercises) to help you fit some easy, fat-burning fitness into your life.

The last section is one of my personal favourites: Restaurant Menu Swaps. We reviewed the menus of 10 different fast-food and sit-down restaurant chains across the country, from Tim Horton’s to East Side Mario’s. This way, when you end up at one of these outlets, you know what you’re getting into with some menu items.

It’s $29.95 and available wherever books are sold across Canada, and at besthealthmag.ca/swap.

• To claim your free issue of Best Health, go to besthealthmag.ca/metronews

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