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Check your knowledge of Canadiana with this Dominion Institute test

TORONTO – The following Canada Day Quiz was prepared by The Dominion Institute, a national charitable organization dedicated to promoting greater knowledge and appreciation of the Canadian story.

1. Who was the political leader who led the campaign to introduce Medicare?

2. Which once and future Prime Minister lost the 1874 election after it became known he offered bribes during the construction of the transcontinental railway?

3. The Hudson’s Bay Company is the world’s oldest chartered trading company. What product gave this company its start?

4. What is the name of Canada’s national anthem?

5. What three oceans border Canada?

6. What medical breakthrough led to a 1923 Nobel Prize for Sir Frederick Banting and J.J.R. Macleod?

7. Which Canadian province has the largest land size?

8. In the federal parliament, what is a law called before it is passed?

9. The country’s worst health crisis, spread by troops returning from overseas services in the First World War, was caused by what disease?

10. In 1942, a national plebiscite sparked a fierce debate over military service and national unity. What was this plebiscite about?

11. Which mountain is Canada’s highest?

12. Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte was taken hostage and murdered in the crisis initiated by which extremist separatist group?

13. Who was the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada?

14. Who was Canada’s Prime Minister during the Second World War?

15. Who wrote the music to Canada’s national anthem?

16) Canada is a part of the voluntary association of countries which used to belong to the British empire. What is this association called?

17. What was the name given to the group of women involved in the Persons case (Edwards vs. the Attorney General of Canada)?

18. What two Canadian cities were part of the “Original Six” NHL hockey teams?

19. Which Canadian city hosted the world during the summer Olympics in 1976?

20. What was the name of Canada’s flag before the Maple Leaf?


1. Tommy Douglas

2. Sir John A. Macdonald

3. Fur

4. O Canada

5. Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic

6. The discovery of insulin

7. Quebec

8. A bill

9. Influenza

10. Conscription

11. Mount Logan

12. FLQ (Front de liberation du Quebec)

13. Bertha WIlson

14. William Lyon MacKenzie King

15. Calixa Lavallee

16. The Commonwealth or the Commonwealth of Nations

17. The Famous Five

18. Montreal and Toronto

19. Montreal

20. The Red Ensign

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