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Chick-fli-A employee attacked by customer because of waffle fries


The ranking for places to have an all-out brawl from worst to best are as follows: a wedding, a playground and a Chick-fil-A.

We know this because a Chick-fli-A in Ohio was reportedly the location of a recent fight between an employee of the restaurant and a customer.

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The customer was upset about the temperature of his waffle fries and threw them in an employee’s face.

This employee however got off easy, as the manager of the Chick-fil-A reportedly confronted the customer who in turn took out his cane and “started striking her in the abdomen with it.”

“[The victim] stated he dropped the cane and began to strike her in the face with his fists when she and the suspect both fell to the ground. He continued to strike her until witnesses pulled him off of her,” the Aiken Standard reported.

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Things then took an even stranger turn:

“Multiple witnesses on scene said they had seen the man attack her and one saw a woman strike him with a small hatchet in the small of his back while he was attacking the victim,” the report said.

The seemingly invincible attacker was being held down by several bystanders when police arrived at the scene, according to Eater.

The attacker’s wife explained that he’s schizophrenic and hasn’t been taking his medication.

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