Child predator sought – Metro US

Child predator sought

Police have issued composite sketches of a suspect wanted in three cases of sexual assault against children in Vancouver, Delta and Surrey in the hopes that someone may recognize him or he may turn himself in.

The suspect is wanted in connection with the 2009 sexual assault of a six-year-old girl in Surrey, and may be responsible for at least five other assaults dating back to the ’80s, Vancouver police Insp. Bob Usui said.

“He approaches children as young as six years old on foot and asks for … assistance in some way,” he said.

“He grabs the most vulnerable in the group, then brandishes a knife to gain co-operation from the other children. He walks (his victim) a short distance to a secluded area … and then sexually assaults them.”

Usui said the suspect is calm and often apologetic with his victims, but threatens them with a knife if they do not co-operate.

Psychologist Dr. Matt Logan, a retired police officer, said the man has likely committed other assaults that have gone unreported.

“This is someone that a lot of children know personally,” he said. “This could be your next-door neighbour.”

In a personal appeal to the suspect, Logan said he knows the man doesn’t want to hurt his victims and needs help.

“I have a caller named Andrew who is willing to take your call,” he said. “You can reach him by calling 604-779-7581. Make this call, please.”