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Child who gained web fame dressed as Bernie Sanders dies

Twitter/ SusieLomas

A four-month-old boy, whose photo went viral after his parents dressed him up to look like Bernie Sanders, has died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,CNN reported.

The photo of Oliver Jack Carter Lomas first went viral after he appeared at a Bernie Sanders rally in mid-February dressed up in a white wig and glasses.

Sanders himself took a picture with the infant that helped #BernieBaby go viral.

Snopesreported that the news of Lomas’ death first broke in the comments section on the viral photo of the two, when someone who claimed to be his aunt wrote:

“This is my nephew, Oliver Jack Carter Lomas aka the Bernie Baby. He passed away Thursday due to SIDS at only 4 months old. We will be posting information about his funeral in a couple of days for those that want to attend. Please keep my sister in your thoughts.”

The Sanders campaign has yet to make a statement regarding Lomas’ passing.

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