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Chip Kelly scoffs at Mark Sanchez questions

Chip Kelly scoffs at Mark Sanchez questions
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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Chip Kelly really didn’t want to talk Mark Sanchez on Wednesday. Really.

As he does every week, Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles head coach, had a conference call with the out of town media to preview Sunday’s upcoming game. It is routine stuff usually and very often, the questions coming at him can be spotted a mile-away. Tell us about your up-tempo offense? How has the transition been from college now that you’re in the league for your third year? What’s the status of so-and-so player who was injured?

And if you’re playing the New York Jets, you have to expect that the questions will be coming in about Mark Sanchez, a former first round pick of this team in 2009 and a player once nicknamed ‘The Sanchise.’ He was a polarizing figure in New York a player who the Jets traded up to take sixth overall who was then unceremoniously cut five years later. Kelly had to know a couple Sanchez related questions were coming.

But no, Kelly didn’t like the line of questioning, with three questions that centered on if his GQ coverboy/backup quarterback was ever in the mix to replace starter Sam Bradford, who has struggled this year for the 0-2 Eagles.

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Midway through the call, Kelly was asked if he considered starting Sanchez this week, to which he said “Nope.” That was the first Sanchez-related question of the call.

Then a couple moments later, Kelly was asked why he didn’t think Sanchez, who was sharp in preseason, should start, to which he answered “Excuse me, because Sam Bradford is our starting quarterback.”

A rather reasonable question to ask, given Sanchez’s stature as a former starter coupled with the Eagles woeful attempts at being an offense that can score points.

He was then asked a follow-up on Sanchez and Kelly delivered this line:

“Are you Mark’s agent?”

Talk about bristling.

Bradford has completed 66.2 percent of his passesthis year but his two touchdowns are stacked up against four interceptions and a fumble. If he continues totoplay this way, the Sanchez questions will start from the Philadelphia media soon enough.

You mad, bro?