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Chokehold draws commission review

Mixed martial arts enthusiasts are up in arms following what many have deemed a dangerous officiating mistake during a Calgary fight on Friday.

During the AX Combat 1 match between Kim Couture and Sheila Bird at the Telus Convention Centre, Bird managed to lock Couture in a leg scissor choke — her two legs wrapped around her opponent’s neck to cut off her airway.

Couture eventually fell unconscious but many spectators are alleging it took too long for the referee to break the hold.

“I called it incompetent, which is the best way I can describe it,” said Geno Mrosko, managing editor for MMAmania.com.

The Calgary Combative Sports Commission is now reviewing the matter, confirmed chair Shirley Stunzi. She would not elaborate but said more details would be released in the days ahead.

Couture regained consciousness moments after the hold was broken. She could not be reached for comment yesterday.

She addressed fans the day after the choking incident on Twitter, writing, “I never tapped (out) like they said, but went to sleep and had sweet dreams of sipping on a pina colada on the beach, then they woke me up!”

Kim Couture was formerly married to accomplished MMA fighter Randy Couture.

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