Chris Brown is having a no good, very bad day – Metro US

Chris Brown is having a no good, very bad day

Chris Brown continues to be the actual worst.

As you may remember, in late February, his ex-girlfriend Karruche Tran got a temporary restraining order against him, claiming that he told a few people that he was going to kill her.According to TMZ, Tranhas tried serving Brownwith the restraining order — but he’s dodged it three times. Yes: three times.

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Now, Tran, 28, is hoping to extend the restraining order. She plans to prove to a judge that the “Party” singer needs to stay away from her for three years, and is prepared to discuss his violent ways under oath.

And that’s not all.

TMZ also reports that Soulja Boy still isn’t over Brown cancelling their Dubai bound boxing match. Clad in what appears to be nothing but his tightie whities, Soulja Boy claimed that Brown agreed to the fight, but then backed out because he was scared.

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For the sake of all of us, I need Chris Brown to go live in an underground bunker for the next thirty years. And frankly, Soulja Boy can join him. Let us have some damn peace.