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Chris Evans compares Donald Trump to ‘Human Centipede’

Chris Evans Deadpool 2 post-credits scene

We’ve missed you Chris Evans.

After taking a brief break from tweeting about politics over the holidays, the “Captain America” star is back with a vengeance to kick off the New Year. This time around, the “Avengers” actor and Sudbury native is taking aim at the “garbage train” consisting of President Donald Trump, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller.

Evans used an interesting cinematic analogy to describe the trio in a tweet on Sunday, writing that the controversial horror film “Human Centipede” foreshadowed this odd alignment of political figures.

“I’m beginning to think the movie Human Centipede was more prescient than it was given credit for in foreshadowing the Putin, Trump, Stephen Miller garbage train,” Evans wrote.

The scathing social media comment comes on the heels of Miller’s unhinged interview with Jake Tapper on CNN over the weekend, where the advisor attempted to defend the president amidst the fallout from Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” book. The contentious chat between Miller and Tapper quickly devolved into quite the heated exchange, culminating with the “State of the Union” host cutting the advisor off to end the interview. Miller was also reportedly escorted from the set after refusing to leave, according to CBS News.

This is far from the first time that Evans has weighed in on the Trump administration, as the 36-year-old has previously taken the president to task over a number of issues, including his response to last year’s violence in Charlottesville. Evans has also used his platform to offer support to various causes, ranging from health care to DACA.

Surprisingly, the president has yet to fire back at the actor via Twitter, even though Evans has posted numerous pointed tweets calling Trump everything from a “reckless moron” to a narcissist.

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