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Chris Evans is back on the prowl, or whatever

Last week, news broke that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans had broken up. (For those of you who didn’t know they were together, you’re not alone).Many sources have side-eyed their union, suspecting that Slate and Evans got together sometime during the 34-year-old actress’ now defunct marriage.

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Anyway, since the split, Chris Evans has wasted no time at all. According to TMZ, he’s already hooking up with randos and inviting them over to his friend’s “private mansion.” Insert requisite eye roll here.

As much as I’d love to love Chris Evans, sometimes I fear that he suffers from being basic as hell. On the one hand, he’s a very good looking bro trapped in a Marvel contract.On the other hand, the 35-year-old “Captain America: Civil War” star has been in a Twitter feud with a white nationalist troll for the last week, which is pretty fantastic.

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Maybe, just maybe, he’s just the kind of complicated man we need during these complicated times.

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