Chris Evans live tweeted Donald Trump's Charlottesville press conference - Metro US

Chris Evans live tweeted Donald Trump’s Charlottesville press conference

Chris Evans
Captain America doesn't hold back on Twitter. Photo by Getty Images

Chris Evans was already pretty peeved at President Donald Trump for his initial response to the violence in Charlottesville, but now the “Captain America” star’s blood is really boiling after Tuesday’s press conference at Trump Tower.

Never one to bite his tongue on social media, the Massachusetts native live tweeted in horror as he watched President Trump’s contentious talk with the media. Like many viewers, Evans was pretty baffled by what the president had to say.

The actor called the press conference a “stunning disaster” and equated it to “watching a train wreck.” He also implored his fans to watch the entire event to see how “truly shocking” it was.

Check out Evans’ full tweetstorm below.

Earlier in the day, Evans implored his fans to choose love over hate in the wake of this past weekend’s tragedy in Virginia.

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