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Chris Evans makes the perfect checklist for crafting a Donald Trump tweet

Chris Evans Deadpool 2 post-credits scene
Chris Evans almost joined the X-Men universe in Deadpool 2. Photo by Getty Images

President Donald Trump has dealt with quite a few tragedies during his short time in the White House so far, but not everyone has been impressed by his responses to these crises–especially Chris Evans.

After calling the commander-in-chief a “reckless moron” and live tweeting his Charlottesville press conference over the summer, the “Captain America” once again took to Twitter to criticize Trump over the weekend. This time around, Evans lambasted the president for his feud with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto in the wake of the Hurricane Maria disaster in Puerto Rico.

Evans retweeted Trump’s post about Democrats influencing her to be “nasty” towards the president, along with a pretty perfect checklist for crafting a Trump tweet.

According to the Marvel movie actor, “A Trump Thread In A Time Of Crisis” includes lots of insults and third person references.

Evans also weighed in on a few other recent controversies over the weekend, including the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who stepped down from his post after his private jet scandal. The Hollywood star reminded his followers that Price isn’t off the hook for the bill just because he quit his job.

“Finally draining the swamp (kinda),” Evans tweeted. “Also, just cause you resigned Tommy, doesn’t mean you don’t still owe us tax payers that money.”

Surprisngly, Trump has yet to engage Evans over Twitter despite the numerous callouts, including this perfect response to the president’s thoughts on DACA.

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