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Chris Noth moves fitness regimen to his skin

Turns out being a big star doesn’t make a guy much different from most, at least when it comes to skincare products.

The growing variety on retail shelves, although an itty fraction of available lady potions, seems overwhelming, and frankly, shopping around for the latest and greatest holds little appeal.

If someone gives you something you happen to like, though, you’re loyal. And if you’re “Big” actor Chris Noth, you become the North American face of the brand.

“I came here on a job and I couldn’t bring stuff on a plane,” Noth told Metro during his recent visit to promote his new role as the face of Biotherm Homme.

“I said I needed some stuff, shaving cream, moisturizer. (My agent) brought me the Biotherm and it was, you know, it was simple, it was good.

“I just kept using it and then we formed a relationship with them.”

Noth, of course, is known for his role as reformed bachelor Mr. Big in Sex and the City, and currently plays a not-so-good husband on TV’s The Good Wife.

A self-described “simple” guy, he explained that before Biotherm, he wasn’t into skincare.
“I paid no attention to it before. I used anything and nothing.”

Now he regards a regimen as part of his routine.

“It’s kinda like working out. You do it not just because it helps your body, but it also makes you feel clarity, grounded,” he said.

“You’re on this earth and have to deal with gravity.”

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