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Chris Soules says it’s tough to send 29 women home on ‘The Bachelor’

Looks like another romantic date is ahead on "The Bachelor." See how it turns out Mon
Lewis Jacobs, ABC

Chris Soules’ journey to true love on the “Bachelor” may be ongoing, but he tells us the show finished shooting around Thanksgiving. That journey so far has involved more tractors and goat milking than most people experience on the way to marriage, but that’s just what happens when you date Prince Farming.

Has it been weird to see all of this stuff again?

It’s been interesting. It’s been neat to see everything play out again. It brings back a lot of memories that seem like almost years ago that we went through that whole entire process, but it’s been really fun to watch so far.

What was your plan going into shooting?

Going into this, my number one goal was to find a wife. I’ve been looking for a wife for a long time, looking for a soulmate more than anything. My hope going into this was that this would be give me the opportunity to meet some girls I’d never had the opportunity to meet before. Given the fact that I’m from a small town, this would maybe be a different avenue that would allow me to meet someone.

With so many women to pick from, what kind of qualities were you looking for?

The main thing that I’m looking for is someone I can spend the rest of my life with. Someone who I can laugh with who is my best friend. That’s really the main thing I’m looking for, you know, someone who I feel like I can get through good and bad times with.

What’s the hardest part of being on the show?

Meeting 30 incredible women and then sending 29 of them home. Having real feelings for a handful of those women, that made it really hard.

Does it get harder as the show goes on to make your choices?

Much harder. I thought it would be easy to begin with because I wouldn’t have those feelings develop. I felt like that would be much easier, but it wasn’t because there were so many great women and I knew that I was making judgments on people I really hadn’t gotten to know. So that made it really tough and it just got tougher and tougher as I did start to develop feelings with women, so by the end of the thing, I was a mess.

How did you make your final decision?

I think that it really came down to my gut. I just had to follow that. I had some conversations with Chris Harrison that were actually helpful, but a lot of those decisions were made a hundred percent on my own. In real life, I have a support system which is my family, with my mom and my dad and my sisters, and I didn’t really have that, so you just had to follow your gut and use your own intuition and make the best call you can make.

How did your family feel about your participation in the show?

When I was presented with the option, my mom was excited for me, my dad was hesitant. He thought after “The Bachelorette,” I would have plenty of opportunities for meeting plenty of women, which was true. But when I got to thinking about it, it’s like, OK, there’s all these girls all over the country who want to meet me, but how do I facilitate that? How do I actually meet them and know that I’m making a good decision? It’s not that easy to date women four hours away. That’s not easy to do. So this made sense. The toughest thing was leaving the farm during harvest.

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