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Christina Aguilera looking to ruin Gwen Stefani’s fun on ‘The Voice’

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton may be doing their best to keep things steamy and headline-grabbing in their relationship while “The Voice” is on hiatus, but one of their colleagues is gearing up to spoil all the fun. Christina Aguilera is set to return to “The Voice” next season, with Stefani taking a break, and Aguilera is apparently taking a special amount of pleasure in that aspect, according to Radar Online. “Christina said that it was her show and gave a really big spiel about how she thinks that Gwen used this Blake thing to try and stay on the show,” a source close to the hit show says. “Now people are dreading her return.”

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Shelton had floated the idea — jokingly, or at least pretending to be — of letting Stefani stay on along with Aguilera, bloating the coach bench to five, but that’s not happening. “They have been switching the female judges on and off for over three seasons now and it has nothing to do with how well Gwen is performing,” the source explains. “As of right now, there are no plans to make it five judges.”

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