Christina Applegate’s mom took her to Tijuana when she was 7 – Metro US

Christina Applegate’s mom took her to Tijuana when she was 7

Christina Applegate’s mom took her to Tijuana when she was 7
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Christina Applegate takes the ultimate American family road trip in “Vacation,” but she didn’t necessarily have a lot of personal experience to draw upon.But if you’re offering a trip, she’s down — just so long as it doesn’t involve roller coasters or Tijuana.

This looks like it was fun to make.
Luckily for us we had a group of people that made it really fun. Some of the circumstance physically were kind of difficult, but we all were going through it together. This group isn’t a group to complain, so it all was fine.

What kind of circumstances?
Hanging upside down [on a stopped roller coaster]. That one pushed me over the edge. That was one of those moments that they were like, “OK, can you just do the scene one more time?” And I was like, “No. Turn us back around.” Everyone else seemed to be fine, but I really thought I was going to pass out or something really bad was going to happen to my brain.

Roller coasters were never really my idea of fun.
I always love a good roller coaster, but that one was a tad rickety for me. When you feel like, “Wow, this actually could give me whiplash,” that’s never a good sign.

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Have you gone on many family road trips yourself?
I didn’t really have a family, so much. I grew up with a single mom as an only child. My dad’s family, we would go camping sometimes in his pop-top VW bus when I was a little kid, and I really enjoyed those. But my mom and I never really went on road trips. Well, we went to Tijuana once when I was like 7, but that was it.

What made you want to go to Tijuana?
Ask her, because I don’t understand it at all. No offense to Tijuana, but a 7-year-old and a woman, at that time in the ’70s — it wasn’t the safest of areas.

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Your character has some interesting layers. What was your favorite aspect of her?
They had written a pretty rounded character, but I was just like, “Let’s bring something in that we haven’t seen.” I wanted her to have a past, to have an edge, because to me that’s the modern mom right now, the modern mom that I hang out with. I really wanted to make sure we represented the modern mom — these people who have come from kind of crazy places but have put their lives together and are these incredible moms because they’ve learned so much by the mistakes of their own parents, but we’re also still kind of dark and twisty and edgy, and I kind of love that because I haven’t seen that kind of mom represented a lot in movies.

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