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Christina Perri on letting herself be vulnerable

Christina Perri
Jen Marigliano

As any Christina Perri fan can tell you, Perri gets heartbreak. Between “I Don’t Wanna Break,” “Jar of Hearts,” “Shot Me In The Heart” and her roughly dozen other songs about that feeling of utter despair that hits you during a split, chances are if you’ve ever made a breakup playlist, she’s on it.

“I’ve finally figured out why,” Perri tells us on her knack for writing about the painful side of love. “When you’re happy, your time is spent with that person who is making you happy. But when you’re recovering, you’re putting that somewhere.”

From her moment to the audience’s
You’d think belting out songs night after night about a devastating time in her life would be rough, but Perri doesn’t see it that way. “I feel like the relationships that ended really s—ty, I’m thankful for the songs I do have about them because that’s how I got through it,” she says.

“When I perform them, the songs aren’t really mine anymore. I already went through whatever I was going through for each song,” she tells us. At that point, she says, the songs belong to the audience and how they played in a part in their lives. “The audience is that missing piece,” she says.

Lessons learned
Despite her library of sad songs, Perri says she’s been falling in and out of love throughout her 20s, and she’s learned a lot of lessons along the way: “I’ve learned it’s OK to be vulnerable and in my vulnerability, I’ve been able to find the things that make me happy.”

And there’s a reason why she’s looking forward to entering her 30s in a couple years. “Your 20s is when you’re the most exposed,” she says. “You’re vulnerable because you’re trying to put together your life, career and relationships while finding a place in the word where you belong. That’s pretty intense.”

All about the girls
For now, the relationships she’s most excited to talk about are her ones with tourmates Colbie Caillat and Rachel Platten. “Colbie and Rachel are two of my favorite girls in the music industry, so touring with them this summer is going to be the best time ever,” she says. “I just imagine us all nerding out, being girly and having a good time.”

If you go:

July 11, 7 p.m.
Mann Center for the Performing Arts
5201 Parkside Ave., 215-546-7900

New York City
July 14, 6 p.m.
JBL Live at Pier 97
Hudson River Park

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