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Chronicle platform makes visual storytelling a collaborative effort

From posting a photo or short-lived video as documentation of your every move to following your favorite celebrity or brand, people have been glued to photo-sharing apps like Snapchat and Instagram for years.

But one new platform is hoping to not only be a place for users to post pictures of their lives, interests or businesses, but to welcome others into the fold as well to create a chronicled, curated history together.

Aptly named Chronicle, the New York-based company’s mobile and web-based service went live in mid-May and offers a “TimeSlider,” which lets user interactively slide through a history of photos within a users’ chronicle, among its features.

“There are a lot of different communities who can use Chronicle and come together around a hobby or a passion,” Rachel DuShey, Chronicle’s communications manager, told Metro. “If you’re a parent, you can have a chronicle of your kid, and it’s an easy way for everyone to put their photos in one place and show the kid growing over time. If you’re a brand or organization, it’s an amazing way to engage your customers.”

Mery Racauchi, a fashion designer whose namesake Mery brand is based in SoHo, was an early adopter and has been using Chronicle for nearly a year.

“I like it that people show their real lives — it’s not about advertising yourself. It’s about telling a story,” she told Metro. “You can post very old pictures, and that’s fun.”

One of the biggest benefits Racauchi found from using Chronicle is the ability for users to curate feeds together on subjects that range from dogs of New York and the city’s subway to Yellowstone National Park, women’s rights and fishing among many others.

“You can learn a lot about others,” she said. “For example, you can see the story of the graffiti in NYC. Things you never had the chance to see all together.”

That was what drove founder and CEO Steve McBride to start the company in March of 2016.

“We want to basically be a collaborative visual Wiki in the end, that becomes a real resource of information for everyone,” he said.

Chronicle is currently available as an iOS app, but can also be used using your phone’s web browser, including Android devices. Users can also post from their computers as well. Images and entire chronicles can also be shared to other social platforms and be embedded.

The ability to also chronicle and share videos on the platform is slated to be added later this summer, McBride said.

For more info, visit onechronicle.com, follow @thechronicleapp on social media or watch the video below:

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