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Circle of life

It was an eccentric great-aunt — one who she described as “out there” — that Caitlin Pilsworth used as the over-the-top mother in her new play.

“I heard these stories about her, and I thought she would make a pretty good character,” says Pilsworth, whose original work opens Metamorphic Theatre’s 2008 season. “I decided it was good to abuse that family tie.”

Premiering tomorrow, Living My Life In Circles tells the story of Van, a young woman with an eccentric mother more interested in her own life than raising her daughter. “She goes to live with her religious aunt, and gets — in a different way — the attention she isn’t getting from her mother,” said Pilsworth.

Metamorphic Theatre decided to produce Pilsworth’s original story after the Halifax resident won its inaugural Script to Stage project.

Samantha Madore, founder of the theatre company, said Pilsworth’s work was selected from the 19 entrees Metamorphic received last year. “From my perspective, it was real, it’s a story a lot of people can relate to,” Madore said. “In the past we have done a lot of shows that have simple sets, and looking at the play from a production standpoint, we thought this was something we could really do well.”

Pilsworth admits she has been nervous about the play ever since learning it won the competition.
“It’s been a good experiencing, nerve racking, but good,” Pilsworth said. “It is so weird having something in your brain for so long than passing it off to other people.”