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Citizens pitch in with snow-removal ideas

Allowing private citizens to remove snow and introducing new street-parking policies are just two ideas off a list a city alderman is putting forward to council.

Ward 12 Ald. Ric McIver said he had to get a little more creative with snow-removal options and he hopes council will consider a list of ideas he received from Calgarians.

“The thing I keep hearing from Calgarians is they want better snow removal, but they don’t want their taxes to go up to pay for it, so we had to look at some creative solutions,” he said, adding the ideas came through phone calls and emails to the alderman.

The list includes allowing citizens with snow-plowing equipment to help out during heavy snowfalls, but McIver knows it will be a tough sell for administration because it’s considered a liability issue.

McIver also wants the city to look into parking options, including rotating parking on alternate nights and changing minimum parking requirements to get vehicles off the road.

City of Calgary transportation spokesperson Derek Heric said from an administration point of view, it would be inappropriate to comment on the motion before it goes to council.

“Once council makes a decision on it and gives us instructions, then we would be happy to comment on it,” he added.

Calgarian Patrick Lavergne said he likes the ideas in theory, but wonders if the city can handle implementing the parking policies without space.

“I think it’s a good idea, but where do all the cars go at night? Will they relax with the tickets on residential streets?”

The motion goes to council on Jan. 18.

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