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City being held ‘hostage’ by small group of strikers

Re: Toronto needs to keep cool over strike (June 26)

I had hoped that the less-than-brilliant comments about Toronto residents keeping their cool would have been challenged earlier. However, I cannot believe that such unwarranted advice goes without serious rebuttal. Why should we relax as, John Sewell, the former mayor, advises?

This strike is unconscionable. It is about greed and about a small group of overpaid and privileged employees holding more than 2.5 million residents for ransom.

This is, once again, CUPE determining how to gain control over our city. It is a strike about power and who wields it.

We, the citizens of Toronto, and particularly Mayor David Miller, have allowed this bargaining process to continue. Miller is part of the problem and will never be part of the solution.

Former mayor Sewell led us down this garden path. He is one of the original proponents of allowing unions to get control over our lives and continues to proffer left-wing statements about process. The CUPE leaders are using “thuggery” to stop our city from operating.

What does John Sewell have to say to working parents who need daycare? Where is he when our parks are unfit for our children to play in and our beaches and islands unable to be used?

This strike is a challenge to our residents. At the next election, vote for change to eliminate the right for city workers to strike. Otherwise, we will have this continual battle of the rights of a few over the rights of those who pay them. The lunatics are running the asylum.

John Sewell should be ashamed of himself.

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