City blocks: Bennington and Saratoga streets, East Boston – Metro US

City blocks: Bennington and Saratoga streets, East Boston

The variety of the eateries in this East Boston neighborhood are as diverse as the travelers who pass through Logan International Airport, which is only about a mile away.

Locals said many businesses have come and gone like the flights that rumble overhead.

But one constant has been the Marquardo family, which has run restaurants here and owned much of the property on this block.

Since he was 10 years old, Danny Marquardo bussed tables in his grandfather’s restaurants and now helps operate his family’s breakfast and lunch place, Donna’s Restaurant.

“It’s a family-run businesses … I take pride in it,” said the 27-year-old Marquardo. “People from the airport will recommend this place for breakfast, so we’ll meet people from all over the world.”

Other restaurants on the block offer African, Mediterranean, Japanese and Irish fare, but one business that sticks out doesn’t offer any food.

Balloon City has been filling orders for 27 years.

Office Manager Susan MacDonald said the businesses in the block always look out for each other.

“The businesses are good to each other. We’ll do a balloon order for them and they’ll give us lunch,” she said.

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