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City blocks

On a sweltering day last week, Richard Lamoretti stood outside the barbershop where he has cut hair for two decades and remembered days when the former Grecian Yearning Diner and a couple of Chinese restaurants were the only variety in the area.

“It’s more diverse now,” said Lamoretti of Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop.

More than a dozen eateries are in view of the intersection. The choices range from American pub fare to sushi to gourmet bagels and coffee.

“It’s a party place,” Lamoretti said.

To cater to the closing time and late night crowd, McDonald’s sought to stay open until 2 a.m. The city’s licensing board approved the move last month.

Despite the endless variety, officials at Kelly’s Roast Beef said they plan on being “very successful.”

“It’s a great location what’s better than this? You’ve got the Green Line, you’re near the colleges …,” said John Barry, the restaurant’s assistant general manager. “Everything’s moving through here.”

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