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City council giving green light to Race City

Calgary race car drivers are a big step closer to keeping their racetrack.

City council approved a recommendation for the city to enter into negotiations for a new lease agreement with Race City until 2015.

“They are, I believe, an asset to the city,” said Ward 12 Ald. Ric McIver adding keeping the facility open will “keep the streets safer.”

McIver said this gives Race City time to find a new location and build a new track.

“A majority of city council today said we want Race City to live for another five years,” he said.

The motion, which passed by a 8-7 vote, was amended and will require Race City to restore the land to its original state at the end of the lease and cover the cost of traffic control during special events.

“We can plan on racing for the next five years,” said Chris Paavola, president of the Calgary Oval Racing Association, adding Race City still has to negotiate the lease before their future is certain.

“This is one small step … but for the Calgary Oval Racing Association we’re extremely happy,” he said yesterday.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier said the decision was “unfortunate.”

He said the land was bought for use as a landfill and now it’s going to be needed back.

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