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City cracks down after more debris falls at sites

Enough is enough.

The City of Calgary’s building inspector has a stern warning for construction worksites after two more incidents of falling debris occurred on Monday, including one caught on video and posted on YouTube.

“We’re very concerned and we will no longer tolerate these incidents. We will not continue to see this happen,” building inspector Kevin Griffin said, adding the city is working with the industry to impose stricter safety regulations.

“It is the responsibility of the workplace owners and operators to ensure the safety of the public.”

The city issued a stop-work order at a construction site after reviewing the YouTube video of the incident in Spruce Cliff in the city’s southwest, where a plywood sheet was caught in the wind and blown 15 storeys to the ground during Tuesday’s windstorm. In total, three pieces crashed to the ground.

“We’re not sure if the materials were tied down or came loose, but that is part of the investigation.”

A separate incident involved a sign falling from a building the same day.

Occupational Health and Safety is continuing the investigation.

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