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City declares Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak officially over

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Health officials declared the South Bronx’s battle with the Legionnaires’ Disease at an end as they identified the source of the deadly strain and passed the incubation period.

The city already declared the outbreak contained to the South Bronx area as of Aug. 13.

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The city Health Department officially declared the cooling tower at the Opera House Hotel on East 149th Street as the outbreak’s source.

The Opera House Hotel told NBC New York that it was disappointed to hear that its cooling tower was the outbreak’s point of origin.

“Today, all cooling towers in the affected area have been disinfected,” added Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett, “and all cooling towers across the City are being evaluated and disinfected if necessary.”

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Less than a week ago, the de Blasio administration bumped up the reported number of New Yorkers with Legionnaires’ disease to 124.

Twelve people have died from the pneumonia-causing bacteria, although officials say those who died were older New Yorkers suffering from other ailments as well.

Both the city and New York State have released new prevention initiatives to monitor the city’s cooling towers and work with building owners to prevent any future outbreaks.

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