City of London gears up for a little spring cleaning

Is spring cleaning a dreaded annual ritual in your household? Well, imagine freshening up an entire city after a harsher-than-usual winter. That’s exactly what the City of London plans to do over the coming weeks.

Right now, city crews are filling in potholes and fixing snowplow-damaged lawns. But starting in mid-April, they’ll begin greening up the Forest City by picking up garbage and sweeping away salt and sand.

John Lucas, acting director of roads and transportation, explained there’s more of everything to deal with after a long winter. He expects it’ll “take them a few months,” to sweep up twice the average amount of salt and sand on streets.

Potholes will be tackled by 14 city crews dedicated to fixing small holes before they turn into car killers.
And of course there are damaged lawns, made worse by an early snowfall when the ground wasn’t yet frozen. Lucas expects it’ll take months to get around to all the damage.

He hopes London residents will pitch in.

“If you can fix those things yourself, it would be really nice.” Lucas enthused.

For more information, or to report a pothole or damaged lawn, visit www.london.ca.

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