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City should be consistent with LRT parking fees

It may be old news, but the $3 LRT parking fee is beginning to affect the free Northeast stations in a bad way.

As I resident of Rundle, I made my way to the Rundle LRT station by 7:30 a.m. As usual, the mall parking lot was mostly blocked off so LRT clients would stick to using the designated LRT parking lot. However, there is a section of mall parking that was not gated off and people were parking there because the official LRT lot was full.

As I approached, I saw parking attendants ticketing one of at least 20 cars that was left wide open for them. I spoke with one of the attendants and asked if the lot was valid overflow parking and he said it wasn’t. I asked where I should park and he told me to go to another LRT station.

Therein lies the problem. Because these fees are being implemented at some LRT stations and not others, it is creating an overcrowding problem at the no-fee stations. Now people are getting parking tickets when they have no choice except to go to another station and cause the same problem for someone else. That’s ridiculous. I live in the Rundle area so I should be able to park at the Rundle station.

The city needs to either get rid of this $3 parking fee and raise the cost of ticket prices, or put the $3 fee at all stations at the same time.

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