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Clean tush: Get a butt facial in Brooklyn

bikini butt booty ass sexy beach butt facial bacial Facials aren’t just for your face anymore.
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The latest body treatment brings a new meaning to the phrase “beach bum.” The “Shiney Hiney” is a massage that smooths and scrubs your tush into shape for the summer. A spa in Brooklyn, New York, called Skin by Molly offers a deep purifying facial-style cleanse for bums in need of some TLC. Molly Lamb, the woman behind the “butt facial,” helps Metro get to the bottom of the bizarre skin therapy.

Why did you decide to come up with the “Shiney Hiney” treatment?

A client came to me with acne on her rear end and I thought if one person needs it, there have got to be more.

You’re working in an intimate area, so do they wear underwear?

I have a disposable thong that they wear.

Men, too?

I haven’t had any men book yet but it’s not gender specific.

In your opinion what makes the perfect bum?

Perfectly smooth soft skin that is worn by someone with confidence.

Who would be your ideal “Shiney Hiney” poster girl?

Oh, Sofia Vergara. She has beautiful smooth skin. I saw an Instagram picture of her showing off her bum and I must say it looked quite nice.

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