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Clinic to shut down

After an angry uproar at the Braeside town hall meeting Tuesday night, the Second Chance Recovery Methadone Clinic is officially closing its doors in Calgary.

Hugh Ham, lawyer for the clinic, said the hostility from the residents of Braeside has led the centre to seek alternative arrangements for its patients before it shuts down.

“The clinic staff decided that they couldn’t operate under that type of hostility,” said Ham.

He added the clinic will close because they are concerned for the safety of patients and staff in the community.

The reason for the announcement yesterday, Ham said, was to ease the community’s anger and displeasure.

The clinic will not try to relocate anywhere in Calgary because it cannot move into any industrial areas due to land zoning. The right zoning tends to be found in residential communities, where the clinic is likely to face more opposition, said Ham.

He said the city was not willing to work with the clinic to move within the community.

However, both Ald. Brian Pincott and Kim Edwards, president of the Braeside Community Association, said they were willing to enter into a Good Neighbour Argeement with the clinic.

Edwards said the meeting with the residents was passionate and that they should welcome the decision.
“I believe that the residents who were very upset that clinic was opening will be very happy,” Edwards said.

Edwards added that because doctors were not present at the meeting under their lawyer’s advice, residents were unable to hear their side of the story and learn more about the clinic.

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