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Co-discoverer of DNA is selling his Nobel Prize

James Watson
Getty Images

Scientist James Watson is making a statement against the science community by putting his Nobel Prize, which he was awarded in 1962 for his discovery of DNA in 1953, up for auction. The Financial Times predicts that it will sell for $3.5 million. Watson claims he needs the money, but he’s also using it as his way to give his colleagues the finger.

Watson has famously made many racist and sexist statements for years and the science community has shunned him for that. He has claimed that Africans aren’t as intelligent as Western inhabitants and that dark skinned women have a higher sex drive than lighter skinned women. He also has discredited a colleague who helped discover DNA with him, scientist Rosalind Franklin, calling her “an ugly woman who can’t deal with people,” according to the AP. It seems as though while Watson made an important contribution to the study of biology, he still has much more left to “discover” about people.

In addition to selling his medal, Watson is also auctioning off his handwritten acceptance speech, which is expected to sell for $400,000.

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