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Coca-Cola came out with a first-ever slushie in a pouch

Coca-Cola Japan came out with Frozen Lemon Coca-Cola slushie
Photo: Twitter/Coca-Cola Japan

Over a month ago, Coca-Cola Japan announced it was experimenting with a new alcoholic drink called, “Chu-Hi,” the first boozy beverage in Coca-Cola history. And on April 16, after reportedly testing 100 different prototypes and working on development for eight years, the company launched a first-ever Coca-Cola slushie in a pouch: Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon.

The new Coca-Cola slushie has a “sherbet-like texture” with a taste that’s perfect for summer, states a release on the Coca-Cola Japan website. And the packaging — a soft pouch for squeezing and crushing — is purposeful: it’s adjustable and easy to use (not to mention, it’s also fun). If you think about it, pouches are practical for when you’re thirsty and on the go — remember Capri Sun? (Also, wine in a pouch has proven to be a big hit, in case you forgot that existed too.)

“The Japan business unit launches an average of 100 new products a year, and many times more are put to the test behind the scenes,” Coca-Cola Japan’s business unit president Jorge Garduño said in an interview at the time of the “Chu-Hi” news. “Experimentation is almost like a day-to-day ritual here.” So, it’s no wonder the company is dishing out more first-of-its-kind products.

The retail price of the Frozen Lemon drink is 130 yen, which is the equivalent of $1.21.

Along with this Coca-Cola slushie, the Japanese division debuted frozen Fanta in grape and orange flavors, which are hitting stores as well.

Will the U.S. get the Coca-Cola slushie?

Sadly, the Coca-Cola slushie isn’t coming to the U.S. — a spokesperson from Coca-Cola North America Group told Metro it’s only for the Japanese market — but you can still hop down to the nearest 7-Eleven to purchase a Coca-Cola Slurpee. It’ll have a similar “sherbet-like texture” and keep you refreshed when temperatures (eventually, hopefully) rise.

But if you want that cool pouch — and we wouldn’t blame you if you did — consider booking a flight to Japan ASAP. You only live once, right? (And yes, we really did just bring back YOLO and Capri Sun. It’s a blast from your past.)

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