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Cocktail of the week

Gin and bear it

Good for more than just your go-to “well, the barkeep probably can’t screw this up” liquor/mixer combo with tonic, Nolet’s new, smooth gin makes it easy to class up and cool down your summer. Obviously, we recommend everything on the rocks — or, if you’re so inclined, you could go all the way with a fancy, chilled glass.

Silver Cucumber Mint Lemonade

1.25 oz. Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin

1 oz. simple syrup

1 oz. lemon juice

2 cucumber slices

8 mint leaves

How to make it:

Muddle one slice of peeled

cucumber, eight mint leaves, simple syrup and lemon juice in a highball glass. Fill glass with ice and add gin. Stir well and garnish with a slice of cucumber.

Silver Rhubarb Collins

2.5 oz. Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin

1 oz. rhubarb syrup

1 oz. lime juice

1 dash of rhubarb bitters

How to make it:

Shake all ingredients together and serve over ice. Top this with four drops of bitters.

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