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Coconut drink claims it can help enlarge breasts

A Chinese coconut drink's commercial says it can help enlarge breasts.
Daily Mail/Screenshot

“A can a day and you’ll be white, tender and busty.”

That’s what a Chinese drink company is claiming its coconut drink can do for women, the Daily Mail reported.

Citing a commercial for Coconut Palm Group’s new juice that features well endowed, attractive women running on the beach in slow motion and wearinglow-cut tops, the Daily Mail, in a translation of the commercial, says it claims that “a can of Coconut Palm a day will give you a graceful figure.”

But these claims are reportedly illegal in China since it’s not a nutritional product and are expected to be investigated. The company could also be trouble for the “sexualized imagery” and “vulgar language” of the add, the Daily Mail also reported.

Despite not conducting their own studies into the drink’s breast enhancing benefits, the company did reportedly cite research it saw in aHong Kong newspaper in 1997, and decided to use it for marketing purposes.

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