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Cole Harbour rallies around their hometown hero

Sidney Crosby has done his hometown proud, and many in the Halifax area are awaiting the opportunity to see him carry the Stanley Cup through Cole Harbour.

One of them, area councillor Lorelei Nicoll, didn’t watch Friday’s Cup-clinching game for fear she would jinx the outcome.

“When I went to see what the score was Detroit scored, so I said ‘that’s enough of that,’ and left the room,” Nicoll said. “When I found out they won I was so excited, sending e-mails to all of my fellow councillors.”

Her fellow councillors may have wondered why she was sending off e-mails at 2 a.m., but she said it was simply out of sheer excitement.

She hopes Crosby’s Cup win inspires other local athletes to aim for greatness, since even the 21-year-old superstar was once “just one of the guys.”

“Everyone is very proud of Sidney; he’s got a large fan base here and I sent congratulations to the family,” she said.

The final score of Friday’s big game was 2-1, leaving a crowd of about 1,500 onlookers at Cole Harbour Place in hysterics.

“He’s always been a great skater,” said former Crosby coach Paul Gallagher. “Even at five years old.”

Gallagher coached Crosby when he was a Timbit and then eight years later when he played for the Cole Harbour Wings.

He said a good indicator of what Crosby has done for the local community came when he saw tourists taking pictures of the “Welcome to Cole Harbour” sign, adding Sid the Kid has been a great ambassador for Halifax and the province.

Gallagher is currently a scout for the Florida Panthers but plans to be in Halifax when Crosby brings the cup home.

“He’s done a terrific job; he’s a great athlete and an even better role model,” Gallagher said.

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