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Colin Hanks is exploring ‘Life in Pieces’

Richard Cartwright

Colin Hanks isn’t coasting on his famous last name. After a turn in last year’s much loved “Fargo” adaptation on FX, the actor is back on TV again this fall. This time, there will be significantly less murder involved. He joins an impressive ensemble on sitcom “Life in Pieces.” The show tells the story of a family through a series of vignettes about each member, from three siblings all in different life stages to their parents, celebrating their golden years. Hanks plays Greg, whose wife is giving birth to their first child.

Your last show was a little more dramatic. Were you looking for something a little lighter, something that was more comedic?

It wasn’t necessarily a question of lighter or darker, it was just finding the right project. I obviously waited a good seven years for something like Fargo and then they created something called an anthology series and then you only get one year. Really it was about finding something engaging and interesting, and the premise of how we tell the story every week with life in pieces, that was really interesting. So its actually just as much a shock to me as it is anyone else. I really did not think I’d be on a network comedy after Fargo. But I’m happy to do so.

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So was it a right project, right time situation?

For me it was just all about trying to find something that was exciting and interesting. The fact that it’s a family comedy, but it’s told in a really unique way that no other show is doing was really just too good to pass up. Because that’s the other thing with pilot season, is you never really know. These things come to you and you wanna say “I’m gonna hold off for something better,” or “Is this the best that I’m gonna get?” and it was so early on that just based on the show and the script I said yes because no one else had been cast yet. I just thought that the writing was so great and the premise was so good.

A lot of shows would tell the story of a couple from courtship through to parenthood, but your story jumps right in at parenthood. Did you like that aspect?

It’s not only that — I think there’s also something to be said about the fact that we’re not filling 22 minutes about new parents. We’re not looking to fill 22 minutes of baby humor. Its really four, maybe five minutes. And even then it’s really still more about the couple more than it is about the baby. And so I found that the fact that we get to have these short stories, each one with a beginning middle and end, it seems it makes things a lot more palatable. You’re able to tell proper stories with a beginning, middle and end as opposed to stretching stuff out.

Are you going to watch the new season of “Fargo”?

Absolutely. I’ve already seen the first episode. It’s fantastic, can’t wait.

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