Colts end magical run for Jets fans - Metro US

Colts end magical run for Jets fans

Jets fans watched their hopes of a shot at the Super Bowl go out the window after a trouncing by the Indianapolis Colts yesterday. In bars across the city, fans hung their heads, nursed their beers, and dreamed of next year.

“They played well in the first quarter,” said Simon Jezard, 32, watching the game at Kelly’s Sports Bar on the Lower East Side. “But they just lost their concentration and stamina in the second half.”

Many a New Yorker blamed the Jets’ loss on the skill of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

“He’s the best quarterback that ever played the game,” said Jets fan Bob Collier, 58. “He was like a surgeon today, the way he dissected the defense.”

The Jets, who haven’t made it to the Super Bowl in 41 years, were going up against the 2007 champions. “Indianapolis has more of a seasoned team at the moment — they’re more experienced and the Jets have this new quarterback,” said Miguel Torres, 30, of rookie Mark Sanchez. “I wasn’t expecting them to get as far as they did this year. It’s a good sign that they did.”

“They have the makings of a great Super Bowl team,” said Jon-Chris Trinder, 29. “Next year is the Jets’ year.”

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