Colts, Saints to Super Bowl - Metro US

Colts, Saints to Super Bowl

1 Seen it before — How many times have you seen the Colts do exactly what they did in yesterday’s 30-17 win in the AFC title game? Indy trailed at halftime after sleepwalking through the second quarter, but bounced back to do just enough in the end. They’re not flashy. Never have been. But that depth — and Peyton Manning — is going to be tough for anyone to beat.

2 Mark Sanchez, bad at passing —
Modeling??Sure, he’s got that. Making funny cracks at Pete Carroll’s expense??Yep. Handing off??Pretty good at that, too. But Mark Sanchez is really not a prime-time NFL passer — yet. Sub-60 completion percentages won’t cut it in big games.

3 Good K call —
Colts coach Jim Caldwell picked Matt Stover over former Pat Adam Vinatieri to kick in the playoffs. Stover went 3-for-3 yesterday. Nice choice.

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